McNulty Invests in Local Youth

Mike McNulty, owner of custom home building company McNulty Construction, is personally committed to investing his time and resources to enhance the lives of local youth.

He strongly believes that the children in our community are our future, and he has a personal mission to help them become grounded and productive with a foundation for life ahead. He provides support to the local 4-H Club, with the goal of enhancing children’s lives and helping them gain the skills they will use for a lifetime.

Friend of 4-H Award Recipient

mcnulty-4h-ffaMr. McNulty is honored to be the recipient of the “Friend of 4-H Award” for 2016. This award reflects his commitment to youth development, and to the goals and purposes of the 4-H Club. He supported the 4-H & FFA Market Stock Sale at the Bannock County Fair in 2016, and invested $10,000 in towards this inspirational youth activity.

4-H Club Programs Help Park City Youth

The 4-H Club is unique in that 84% of all donations go directly to youth programs at a local level. The programs offered are available through local clubs, camps, and in-school and after-school programs. Adult mentors support the children and help them envision and complete hands-on projects.

The purpose of 4-H is to empower young people, and help them become the leaders of the future. The programs cover a range of activities, including science, healthy living, and citizenship. The hands-on, practical 4-H programs give young people the chance to learn, build self-confidence, and thrive – and learn leadership skills for life.

Plant & Animal Science: 4-H and FFA

Working with animals at a young age can be the inspiration for many young people to later become involved in veterinary science, biotechnology, biology, chemistry, engineering, or the raising and training of animals. The 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) Market Stock Sale at the Bannock County Fair gave local youth the opportunity to participate and engage hands-on, gaining important experience and knowledge through the process.

Join with Mike McNulty of McNulty Construction in Supporting Park City Youth

If you are considering investing in a social betterment program, join Mike McNulty in supporting the youth in the area. There are many programs and activities to choose from, and 4-H is just one of many. Whether you are a parent or not, our youth will build the future – and our participation in helping them choose positive activities can make a significant difference in our community in the future, and in the success and happiness of their individual lives.

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